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Steve Arrundale

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Parliamentary Candidate

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Steve speaks at Conference

September 14, 2019

Steve Arrundale today addressed the Liberal Democrats Federal Conference.


On a Debate about the reformation of Business Tax, Steve raised the issue of poorly defined IR35 legislation, and the impact it has on the high number of Contract workers in the Edinburgh and Lothians regions.

Speaking after the event Steve said "HMRC's IR35 rules have never been fit for purpose.  The level of ambiguity in the regulations has been a constant cause for concern for the Contractor community, leaving the threat of investigation constantly hanging over them." 


"It is a direct consequence of this that has lead to the Loan Charge disgrace which has seen around 50,000 contractors being significantly impacted both financially and emotionally, and with four suicides being linked to the heavy-handed way in which HMRC dealt with the tax demands."

"I will work with Liberal Democrat Members in the House of Lords and Parliament to develop a clear Liberal Democrat policy that will address these issues head-on, and provide a mechanism to simplify the administration of this way of working, removing the threat of unfair investigations and enabling End-Clients to engage these specialists on a temporary basis, helping them to drive innovation and keep the UK at the forefront of the technologically-driven Private Sector."

Steve joins anti-Prorogation protests

August 28, 2019

Steve Arrundale today lent his support to a protest march against Boris Johnson after the Conservative Government announced that Parliament would be suspended from 10th September until 14th October, in one of the most cynical moves by a sitting Government in recent years.

In what appears to be a concerted effort to force through a No-Deal Brexit against the will of both Parliament and of the majority of the public, the Government have decided to end the current session of Parliament on 10th Sept and reopen the next session on 14th October with a Queen's Speech.

Steve said "This is an extremely disingenuous move by the Conservatives.  Taking five weeks away from Parliament, when they can no longer be held to account for their lack of action in trying to end the Brexit crisis can only be interpreted as running away from their responsibilities and running down the clock to try to push through catastrophic No-Deal Brexit.

" It was expected that Parliament would vote to cancel Conference Recess to enable to debate on Brexit to continue, but by enforcing this ridiculous Prorogation, the recess cannot now be cancelled, and is instead extended.

"This is an unacceptable move by the Government, and so I have joined with thousands of protesters today on this match on Westminster and 10 Downing Street to call out what is quickly turning into a right-wing coup."

Upcoming Events
General Election
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Liberal Democrats Scottish Conference
Sat, Nov 16
Carnegie Hall
Nov 16, 2019, 9:00 AM
Carnegie Hall, East Port, Dunfermline KY12 7JA, UK


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